Event Industry News covered a key technological functionality feature that Duuzra offers as a stand-alone service to event clients.

Wi-Fy has been launched by Duuzra, a well-known name in the event tech sector via its audience response and presentation tools. Wi-Fy’s Technical Service Manager Nick Farinha spoke to Event Industry News to explain how and why the new service was developed.

“Using hotels as a good example, nine times out of ten the internet connection is OK, but the WiFi hardware they put into the rooms is letting them down. The problem comes when you get 400 people all trying to use it at the same time. What Wi-Fy does is traffic shape the network, splitting things up to ensure that the people who need it will always have it. Video streaming, VIP’s, and delegates will no longer be fighting for the same space on a network. With Wi-Fy we’ve created a service that is far more bomb-proof than the standard Wifi you will find in a venue, even if the venue claims it to be class-leading.”

Another benefit to the service compared to using a venue’s in-house WiFi is the ability for Duuzra to provide analytical data after an event has taken place. The data shows traffic and usage from during an event, allowing organisers to identify which elements of their event have been successful and the level of interaction that took place via dedicated apps, websites or social media sites.

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