Movies have been employing the approach of having the actor turn and talk directly to the audience.  This approach of breaking the 4th wall and bringing the audience into the conversation has been employed in popular movies like Deadpool, The Big Short and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  This technique of keying the audience into the dialogue can be done in the movies but how well are your clients doing this at their events?

The current state of technology has created an environment where literally anyone can respond or engage with information or topics all the time (ie. with Facebook and Twitter).  This has moved some of the control of the message away from the source towards the audience who now have a level of expectation that they are permitted to engage with the information.   Consider that social media is built for the very purpose of distributing content and allowing the masses to react and respond.  While the debate on the positives of providing the audience an open forum, the fact that today’s population feels the need to write comments, take photos of, or even film events, situations, or subjects that t
hey feel is either compelling, funny, controversial or simply to their liking.

Carry this into the planning and execution of an event for clients.  Is the event accommodating the attendees want and expectation to respond, engage and interact with the source information?  Whether it is the speaker, the content on a screen or the panel on stage, our modern lifestyle has put the ability for us to put ourselves into the mix without the need for raising our hand in the back of a room to seek the attention desired.   As an attendee at an event some things are commonplace.  Everyone will have a device of some sort (tablet, laptop, mobile), that they will all be using during the event (to tweet, check Facebook, email, message the person across the room, take photos) and most of the complimentary notepads and pens are left on the tables to be collected in the end.

le passe muraille de Jean Marais 1Instead of letting the attendees drift in and out of the meeting sessions through digital escapes, clients need to recognize that utilizing technology at the event not only improves the audience experience, but it also illustrates how the audience expects the information exchange to occur.  Using tools like real time polling or responses converted to word art on the screen, to more strategic options of online Q&A or push notifications to the audience that they are wanted back in the ballroom provide methods audiences currently conduct a lot of their day.  By offering audience engagement tools that go beyond their hand in the air, they are brought into the topic and effectively breaking the 4th wall.

A benefit is that the event will be interacting with the attendees in a manner they are comfortable with while also helping them to gain critical and valuable perspectives at the same time.  As with most technology, the data that can be obtained will deliver insights on how the experience was for the attendees.  Additionally, the use of event analytics that can be quantified allows for improvement and perspectives that previously might have been determined by gut feel or the always inaccurate “I heard from a few attendees that….”.

If you are ready to include breaking the 4th wall at your client events, Duuzra would like to help. Our platform provides not only the engagement tools and analytics to demonstrate the value and benefit of using a technology platform at an event, but we also pride ourselves on having a flexible interface that can be customized for any type of event need.  We like the challenge of solving the clients’ problem of improving the event experience and our always growing list of clients proves that.  If you would like to have a demonstration or would like to learn more, fill out the information below and we will get in touch with you.

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