BYOD is commonly known as “Bring Your Own Device”.

Whether you’re using an Apple or Android product, BYOD designed platforms allow for seamless delivery of information such as presentations, live polling questions, survey questionnaires, etc.  All attendees at an event would have to do is pull out their smartphone, tablet or laptop, and download an application where all of the materials for the event would be at their disposal in an instant.

BYOD makes the content easier to access, saves money on event expenses and enhances the overall productivity and engagement.

Ease of Access

How many times a day do you pick up your smartphone and check your e-mail, that text message from your mom, the amount of likes you’re getting on your newest Instagram post? A study from 2015, claimed that the average amount of times a person checks their phone is 85 times per day in the 18-33 age range. Now, I don’t know about you but that seems like a lot of exposure to one device. This is a huge relief to the client because one of the main goals of having a successful event is to increase the exposure of materials being presented.

BYOD simplifies this exposure and avoids having attendees shuffle tons of physical documents around looking for a prospectus, presentation or other kind of marketing material. BYOD technology is worth taking advantage of simply because it’s almost guaranteed that most attendees will be viewing the critical information since they’re on their smartphones most of the day anyways. By offering BYOD technology at an event, consumers can easily check out the agenda for the day, view faculty bios to see who is who and view other important materials that correspond with the event at hand.

Save Money on Event Expenses

Event technology is a money-saver for clients that are looking to cut back on the amount of paper materials being printed per event. BYOD takes it one step further by allowing attendees to access materials pre, during and post event. No other application has this kind of capability. The main advantage to having attendees access materials pre-event is that nothing will need to be e-mailed beforehand. Clients can take a backseat and won’t have to send out constant reminders that bog down attendees’ email accounts. Attendees will solely have to download the app and complete whatever pre-work is necessary. Saving money also comes into play post-event. Usually, attendees are given a USB drive or mounds of printed material to take home and review. With BYOD, the materials can be accessed at any time in a PDF or JPG format and can be downloaded onto a smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s convenient, easy and there’s no fear of losing the materials. The only thing clients might have to look out for is guiding older attendees to the materials on the application. Sometimes, the generation gap shows and older attendees struggle with adapting to the new technology at hand.

Enhance Productivity and Engagement

How does using your own device increase productivity and help engage more with your attendees? One word: sharing. On social media platforms sharing links to articles, photos, memes, etc. is done constantly. The same concept applies to BYOD. Everything that you have on your device that relates to the event can be shared and discussed. If the event promotes interaction among attendees, then it’s even easier to get the conversation started on what materials for the event stand out and are of interest. The one concern here is that using your own device can be a distraction for attendees if they’re not paying attention to the speakers. There’s a time and a place for using technology and it’s good to be cognisant of that. Clients can have signage set up around the event that communicates a message of respecting the speakers on stage and using devices only during the breaks and at lunch.

BYOD has a long way to go in terms of acceptance. At Duuzra, our development team is improving the functionality of our BYOD program to make it even easier for clients to show their consumers how beneficial it is to have everything for the event in one accessible location. The important thing to take away is that BYOD offers capabilities unlike any other and will make using technology at your next event more of a pleasurable experience and less of a headache in the future.