Think back to a time when you were in high school and the teacher needed you to get together with other classmates for a group project. Besides the moaning and groaning, there was one thing that was propelling you forward to succeed in the project. Competition. Whether it was between your fellow group mates or among the other groups it is a great catalyst to accomplishing a set goal in mind.

Event Experience

The idea of competition is rampant through nature and society as a whole. From animals competing for basic resources like food or water, to the sales department competing about that one client; it is all around us. The hope is that competition eventually leads to cooperation after the dust has settled. An example of this would be in the Olympics where athletes from every nation are competing to win the gold. However, once the closing ceremonies commence all the nations stand united and proud no matter who came away with the win.

This concept of competition applies to the attendees at an event who need something to grab their attention and keep them engaged with what’s going on around them. Duuzra has come up with a few new quiz functions that will tap into the competitive nature that is within each of the attendees. These functions are now available within the application and can be utilized at an event.


Progressive Quiz

The first function is a progressive quiz where if a question is answered correctly within the allotted time, the attendees’ screen turns green and they will receive the next question. If an attendee answers incorrectly or they run out of time, then their screen turns red and they will not receive the next question. This exercise is a great impetus for getting people involved in an interactive activity that requires quick thinking and knowledge of the subjects that are being asked. To increase the competition, this quiz can be used to award prizes for the attendees that last the longest answering questions correctly. This type of function can be used at any point throughout an event. It would be most effective either at the beginning of the general session or at the midway point when attendees are feeling bogged down by the amount of information they are trying to process.


Group Quizzing

The second function is a group quiz where multiple choice questions can be grouped into rounds to form a quiz. Attendees can either do this individually or be grouped into teams. This activity is based more on a point system where points are allocated to attendees based on both the correct answer and the speed at which they answered. What makes this different from the other function is that a real-time leaderboard can be displayed at the front of the room to show how each attendee or group of attendees is performing. This display of information builds the competition when attendees are neck-in-neck to winning the overall quiz. Similar to the progressive quiz, this group quiz can also be used to award prizes for the attendees that end up with the highest amount of points at the end of the activity.


The important thing to note about both exercises is that enough time needs to be allocated to allow for a successful interactive experience. If either function is rushed, then the attendees won’t be as engaged or excited to participate. It’s also important to have a good moderator kicking off these activities to pump up the crowd and get them into the competitive spirit.