Not only are we launching a brand new CMS (Content Management System), we are also incorporating a whole bunch of exciting features so that you and your team can continue to thrill your attendees!

We know for a fact that competition fuels an event experience. Just think back to the time when you were in high school and the teacher needed you to get together with other classmates for a group project. Besides from the moaning and groaning, there was one thing that was propelling you forward to succeed in the project. Competition. Whether it was between your fellow group mates or among the other groups it is a great catalyst to accomplishing a set goal in mind. With our platform you can:

  1. Create a buzzing interactive experience with Progressive and Group Quizzes
  2. Test your team’s skills through Mass Collaboration activities
  3. Make annotations and drawings directly on your slides
  4. Keep your audience focused and show them what you want, when you want.
  5. Track Everything and record pre, during and post event for detailed analytics.
  6. Help you to connect with your audience and them to connect with each other.
  7. Replace paper with a digital experience that can be designed exactly the way you want it.

And PS! We have now incorporated iBeacon detection which automatically register the users.

Read more about our new CMS by clicking here