Being customer focused provides interesting opportunities. In discussing situations and problems with our clients, we get a better sense of services and products that will improve their ability to communicate and engage their audiences.  In order to maintain this high level of attention, the requirements to update the infrastructure is always present.

Duuzra is excited that after having served hundreds of clients with our innovative platform for the past few years, we are updating our CMS platform in 2017.

At the core of the new Content Management System is the ability for our customer to expand and extend their engagement with more people and in many more ways. By making our new CMS accessible and available on almost all mobile devices, making it easy for your sales team to launch new campaigns, Duuzra’s platform will give them the flexibility to present, update, and engage with ease and flexibility. No hassle.  Whether they are on an iPhone, Android or tablet, your Duuzra will be viewable no matter where the meeting may occur.

Another great addition is our inclusion of a template repository for our customers to utilize.  While we are very proud of how flexible the platform can be in developing a compelling and effective presentation, we recognize that some clients wish to have an even faster creation process.   By including these templates, the timeline from creation to audience becomes even shorter.

While these are just a few of the highlights of what the new CMS can do, we would like to give you a chance to experience the new CMS with your own eyes. If you have used our CMS in the past or have yet not been a client of ours, we would love the chance to show you how our CMS can elevate your events, presentations, training or meetings.