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4 Ways to Make Your Event Planning Bulletproof

Event planners are a jack of many trades. From booking the venue to printing out name badges for each of the attendees, every single task is important to ensure a great client and customer experience. While each planner might have their own approach… Continue Reading →

3 Event Technology Blunders to Avoid

Whether you’re an event professional looking for impressive technology for the next event or you’re an advertising agency wanting to provide your client with a new innovative approach; there is one thing in common. The need to find event technology you can… Continue Reading →

New Wi-Fi Service Improves Functionality for Users

Event Industry News covered a key technological functionality feature that Duuzra offers as a stand-alone service to event clients. Wi-Fy has been launched by Duuzra, a well-known name in the event tech sector via its audience response and presentation tools. Wi-Fy’s… Continue Reading →

Duuzra Nominated for 3 Awards at 2016 Event Technology Awards

Duuzra is honored to receive 3 nominations for the 2016 Event Technology Awards.  The following categories Duuzra has been recognized and nominated for: Best Audience Participation Best Event Analytics, Data Collection, Insight Best Conference Technology. The Event Technology Awards recognize those… Continue Reading →

Intel Updates Internal Software for More Secure Communication

Intel introduced their Unite technology at last year’s Computex 2015 show, the largest IT tradeshow in Asia. The technology brings smart and secure conference room technology to the business world. The specific features of the technology allow for instant screen-sharing,… Continue Reading →

How the conference is changing – and how you can adapt.

As events professionals, we know that things in the event space are ever evolving; that is the nature of the beast. It can often be difficult to keep up with current trends and ensure your attendees are all happy and… Continue Reading →

Should you white label your app?

Like most savvy marketing and communications teams, you want to create a company app. Digital products are increasingly important for reaching consumers, however the tech space can change almost daily. Without a team of developers to hand, it can be… Continue Reading →

Skype for Business Offers New Forum for Communication

In the corporate world, there are many ways to communicate with one another. When coworkers are separated by distance it makes it more difficult to interact and have the personal approach included. Duuzra relies on the “JoinMe” application when it… Continue Reading →

Your event technology checklist.

Since the first ever online event registration tool appeared in 1995, there has been clear and significant advances in event technology. The popularity and functionality of smart phones and tablets have served only to increase the rapid growth in this… Continue Reading →

Get the most from your event data.

The huge growth in the event technology industry has certainly made event professionals’ lives that little bit more bearable. From online ticket sales, to event management software, to email automation the notoriously difficult and time-consuming task of collecting tracking and… Continue Reading →

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